Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion - Overdrive Pedalı

Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion - Overdrive Pedalı

The 2-channel Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive Pedal is a blending of the Wampler Paisley Drive and the Wampler Euphoria Overdrive into a single pedal. Each channel contains the best that each pedal has to offer with slight tweaks that were specified by fusion-maestro Tom Quayle. The Dual fusion delivers amazing tonal transparency and a tighter and controlled response on the ow end. This pedal keeps true to the sound of your guitar and amp. Two pedals in one - overdrive and distortion, the Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive is undoubtedly one of the most versatile dirt boxes you'll ever plug into. Use either channel - or stack them for astonishingly ginormous sound. You even get to choose how they are stacked to achieve that perfect sound. Take your tone to new heights with the Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive Pedal.

Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Very transparent and dynamic; outstanding responsiveness to your pick attack and guitar volume control
  • Advanced Gain Structure, amazing array of sounds
  • Cleans up beautifully with pick attack and volume control
  • Hand made in the USA; original circuitry with True Bypass
  • High-grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
  • Battery connection and 9V power jack

Specs :

  • Pedal Type     Overdrive
  • Inputs     2 x Instrument
  • Outputs     2 x 1/4"
  • Power Supply Included     No
  • Batteries     1 x 9V
  • Width     3.5"
  • Depth     4.5"
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